I was going to purchase an expensive chiropractic pillow for my chronic neck pain until I discovered Bio-Mega’s Penetrating Heat Therapy Cream. I couldn’t believe how deep down the heat went into my sore neck muscles, allowing me to move more freely than I have in years. Thanks, Bio-Mega! I feel like a new woman.

I was first introduced to Bio-Mega by a friend after I had developed tendinitis in my right foot. The pain was very severe and made walking or even sitting down uncomfortable. I was skeptical at first because I did not think that a cream could deliver the kind of relief I needed. I rubbed a little Bio-Mega on my foot and was shocked at how fast it really did ease my pain. Bio-Mega delivered a cooling sensation that was pleasant and calming, unlike other over-the-counter topical pain relievers I have tried in the past. The relief was long lasting and I was able to go about my day virtually pain free. I would recommend Bio-Mega to anyone looking for a fast and effective solution to muscle and joint pain. I just love it!

I have a physically demanding job as a nurse and hate that feeling of sore, stiff leg muscles after a long shift. I’ve been using Bio-Mega’s cooling cream for several weeks now before and after each shift, and it’s amazing the difference it makes! My legs don’t feel so achy at the end of 12 hours and I’m able to go out and be with my kids without a lot of pain!

I’ve been using this product for three months now and I’m amazed by how effective its been for me. I tried pretty much everything I could think of- from chiropractors, to injections… like I said, I’ve tried everything and this is the first thing that’s provided me with long term relief. Who knew that a cream could do something so wonderful! I’ve had arthritis for 20 years and as I get older it seems like it only gets worse.. My doctor has prescribed all sorts of narcotic painkillers and they did nothing but make me dizzy. I love that Bio-Mega is all natural and didn’t interact with any of the other medications I was taking or give me any side effects. I recently purchased the product for my sister and my aunt and they both love it as well. All I know is that if you don’t try it… you’re not going to know if it works for you. Life is about taking risks, I should know I’m 82 years old. Try it see if it works… and if it doesn’t work for you — call them up and get your money back. They’re wonderful people. Thanks again Bio-Mega!!!

We recently completed a major home renovation and I was using the Bio-Mega heat cream every day to get over the joint pain I was feeling. I was really happy that the cream didn’t feel sticky, too.

My son plays a lot of sports and recently suffered a major ankle sprain during one of his football games. Thankfully we had some of this cooling pain relief on hand. We used it to help my son get through the worst couple of days after the injury without relying on a lot of medications.

I suffer from mild arthritis but really didn’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals to deal with my pain. A friend of mine recently recommended Bio-Mega’s cooling cream therapy and I’m so glad I tried it. I can now get through the day without any oral medications and have very little joint pain compared to before.

I recently stressed the tendons in my arm and the pain radiated into my elbow and on into my shoulder. I tried other “pain relievers” and accidentally saw your ad in our local paper. I went to the store immediately and purchased your Bio-Mega Pain Relief Rub. To my astonishment, I received relief within a few hours. I continued to apply the Bio-Mega Pain Relief Rub daily for the following week. At the end of the week, my arm had no aches or pain and I was able to function again. Your product Bio-Mega Pain Relief Rub, is the best I have ever used for stressed muscles and tendons. Thank you! P.S. I have never before written a “testimonial” for a product.

My mother has been suffering from a giant headache for at least 10 weeks. Her doctors treated her for a sinus infect (which she didn’t have) and allergies (which she doesn’t have). At home, we have tried every headache medicine and every home remedy, from inhaling vinegar to foot rubs. I finally had an idea that maybe her arthritis had moved up into her spine so I went to CVS and found a bottle of Bio-Mega. This morning I rubbed it over her shoulders and neck and the relief was instant.