For what conditions are Bio-Mega creams effective?
Those suffering from arthritis, minor aches and pains, joint discomfort, backaches, strains and sprains will all find relief using our topical analgesic creams.

How often should I apply the cream?
Our creams can be gently massaged into your skin for pain relief up to 4 times daily.

How much Bio-Mega do I need to apply?
A little goes a long way for total, effective freedom from pain! In fact, one bottle of cream is often enough to last the average consumer an entire year!

Are Bio-Mega products safe for children?
If your child is under the age of 12 years of age, we recommend you consult with your physician before using any over the counter pain relief creams such as those offered by Bio-Mega.

Do your products contain parabens?
No! None of our Bio-Mega creams are formulated with parabens.

Should I take precautions when using Bio-Mega RXP pain relief creams?
Our Bio-Mega Triple Strength Pain Relief Cream and Bio-Mega Penetrating Heat Therapy Cream are meant for use externally on healthy skin only. They should not be used on open wounds or damaged skin. We also recommend that you thoroughly wash your hands after applying our creams to avoid irritation of sensitive areas such as your eyes or mucous membranes. At this time, our products have not been tested specifically for safety on pregnant or nursing women.

Do Bio-Mega Creams have a scent?
Yes, our creams do have a light, vanishing scent. By that we mean that approximately 10 minutes after application this scent will dissipate, leaving you with only the soothing benefits of our pain-relieving formulations. As a result, our products are much more pleasant to wear all day long compared to other leading topical analgesic creams.

How do Bio-Mega Creams compare to other popular topical analgesic creams?
Unlike our competitors, our products are made to provide enduring relief of pain and soreness that lasts 6 hours or longer. This means you can use Bio-Mega Creams without having to reapply every few hours, which will free to you to enjoy your day!

What is Biofreeze and how does it compare to ingredients used in your products?
Many of our competitors use an active ingredient called Biofreeze or Ilex, which is essentially 3.5% menthol. This is actually an irritant that interferes with your body’s pain system by distracting you from the pain signal with discomfort. Though it can be effective for treating short-lived or sudden muscle sprains and strains such as those experienced by athletes, this ingredient does not provide long-lasting freedom from pain, nor does it address joint pain, arthritis, or chronic pain. Thanks to our time-release technology and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Omega fatty acids and acai oil, our Creams create a soothing sensation that actually provides long-lasting relief from muscle and joint discomfort, including arthritic and chronic pain.

How do your topical analgesic creams compare to rice packs and heating pads?
Unlike a heating pad or rice pack, which only soothe soreness in the outermost layers of your muscles, our Bio-Mega Creams uses capsaicin, an ingredient that penetrates deep to target the source of your pain, including the joints. Capsaicin actually depletes the concentration of Substance P in your body – the chemical responsible for the sensation of pain – resulting in a much more effective route to living pain-free. The addition of our time-release technology to our formulations ensures that the pain relief endures for 6 hours or longer, a promise no heating pad or rice pack can keep. What’s more, whereas heating pads and rice packs are bulky and require a heat source, you can take our Bio-Mega analgesic creams with you wherever you go, making them ultra-convenient for all-day relief from pain and discomfort. Use our products at the office, while watching your daughter’s soccer game, or during the daily commute.